NAWS Pet Rehoming Center  - Surrendered or Stray Pets Process

Surrendering a Pet

We understand that giving up a pet can be difficult.
When NAWS was established, we made the philosophical decision to become a no-kill organization and limit our admission based on available space and overall resources, rather than accepting all animals as they come to us.  The limited admission philosophy allows us to focus on the individual needs of the animals in our care.  

Sadly, because space and other resources are limited, we can’t accept all the animals who need our help.  

​We will always accept animals who were adopted from us and we will try our best to immediately accommodate very young kittens/puppies and sick or injured adults.

If you adopted the dog from another shelter, we recommend that you contact that shelter prior to contacting NAWS.  Most shelters and rescues require in their contracts that pets be returned to them. 

If you need to re-home a dog adopted from NAWS, please contact Tim at 815-922-7860.

​If you need to re-home a cat adopted from NAWS, please contact Delonda at 847-624-1205.

Pets not adopted from NAWS will be accepted as space permits.  Please fill out the Pet Relinquishment Form and e-mail it to and we will contact you as space becomes available.  

Stray Dogs
If you have found a stray dog, please contact your local animal control department.  If it is after hours or you are unsure which animal control facility to call, you may also call your local police department’s non-emergency number and they will provide you with instructions.

Will County Animal Control: 815-462-5633

Stray Cats
If you have found a stray cat, please know that many, if not most, of the cats we see outside are actually owned pets that are indoor/outdoor cats and are loved and cared for by someone.  While you, or we at NAWS, may not like the idea of people having outdoor cats, it is not illegal and there are many cats that are miserable inside and happiest when outside roaming around.  Please do not assume that cats you see are strays. 

If you see a cat in need of help, please call your local animal control or non-emergency police department number immediately for guidance.

If you find small kittens with no sign of a mother, please know that the mothers come and go while nursing their kittens, and sometimes it is best to not remove the kittens.  If you see no sign of a mother and see kittens in need of help – please call Delonda at 847-624-1205.