NAWS Pet Rehoming Center for Pet Adoption

Many Dogs and Cats are Waiting For Homes!

NAWS is not an animal shelter, we are a humane society that has cats and dogs available for adoption.  Our pets are located at the NAWS Campus, in foster homes, and some of our cats are housed in partner stores such as PetSmart in Mokena and Petco in Downers Grove.

If you are interested in meeting some of our Cats at the NAWS Campus, viewing hours begin at 12noon daily until closing which is 7pm weeknights, 4pm Saturdays, and 2pm on Sundays.

If you are interested in meeting some of our Dogs, our pet adoption process is designed with the purpose of finding the best match for both the pet and the people.  We believe that to do this properly, people need to make an appointment with one of our adoption counselors to meet at NAWS and discuss the criteria that people are looking for in a pet, and that will allow the adoption counselor to narrow down a list of potential matches and bring them up to meet you.

We understand that in an instant gratification society this is a frustrating process for some people, but we have been in the industry long enough to know what is best for both the pets and the people, and there are fewer returned adoptions or bad experiences if people take their time to find the right fit.  Our adoption counselors truly do work with people's schedules to make an appointment quickly.  If people walk into NAWS expecting to meet dogs that minute, it is not always feasible because the adoption counselors are booked with appointments, off-site adoptions, pet transports, home visits, etc.  We promise to find time to make an appointment for you quickly though!
You can arrange a visit by contacting Heather at, or Tim at (815) 922-7860.


Below are Some Special Needs and Last Chance Pets

  1. Bailey
    Opie is a sweet boy that was diagnosed with cancer a year or so ago and we would love to find a hospice home for him. We are thankful that he is still not really showing any symptoms, so he might have some good time left! Please consider giving him a home for his remaining time on earth. Contact for more information. UPDATE - Opie has found a forever home!!!! We hoped for a miracle and it happened!
  2. Tiberius
    Tiberius is an awesome boy that loves people - he just doesn't like other dogs, unfortunately. We'd love to find him a home without other pets!
  3. Willow
    Willow is an older girl that is in need of a quiet home to live out her remaining time in peace, surrounded by someone to love.
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